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Party gloom

Natanga Smith Hurdle

Party gloom

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FIRST IT WAS a problem with licences; now it is a problem with locations.
The latest casualties on the Crop Over calendar are the popular 10 To 10 fete, held in the car park at the heliport and the Old Hype Vs New Hype show put on by Celebration Time tent.
Edward Toppin, founding member of Berger Boyz, the group behind the 10 To 10 fete, said they were basically denied use of the venue on July 3 by way of a two-line letter from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
The SATURDAY SUN obtained the letter addressed to Berger Boyz, which read: “Dear Sir/Madam. I refer to your correspondence dated June 13, 2012. Our facilities are not available for the Crop Over 10 To 10 event.”
The letter was signed by Stephen Willoughby, Chief Fisheries Officer.