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Let-down for Li’l Rick

Natanga Smith Hurdle

Let-down for Li’l Rick

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THE COHOBBLOPOT MENU looked and sounded tasty, but in the end the promised meal fell flat.
When the first few ingredients were thrown into the ’Pot Sunday night, the flames were on high and the ’Pot started to bubble. Suddenly, the flames were put on low and then brought back up to high. But the ’Pot never got to its boiling point.
Event producers the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) had gone beyond the scheduled 1 a.m. finish time. Emcee Mac Fingall said they were given an extra half-hour.
Mr Crop Over, Hit Rick, whose set was cut short, expressed his displeasure, telling the packed Kensington Oval yesterday morning: “I gine tek all my unfair this year. Doan dig nuttin.” This was met by loud applause from the crowd, which, by chanting ‘Rick, Rick, Rick’ during Shontelle’s set, made it known that the Hypa Dawg was the one they came to see.