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PM: Bees can keep Arthur

Ricky Jordan

PM: Bees can keep Arthur

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THE BARBADOS LABOUR Party (BLP) can keep former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, and the “politically dead” can bury their dead, says Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.
He made the comments to a standing ovation long before ending his speech to climax the 57th annual conference of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) yesterday.
Addressing the question of leadership for which he has received a huge minus from the opposition and sections of the public, Stuart said he did not want the BLP’s endorsement and did not need any personal validation since the DLP had already endorsed him.
“Owen Arthur could not be my role model in politics. I have never had demons of which I needed to rid myself. I do not throw tantrums, am proud of my origins and have always been at peace with myself,” he said