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Gwendoline on canvas

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Gwendoline on canvas

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BY THE TIME art lovers leave the art galleries of the Barbados Arts Council at Pelican Village, they will have a great insight into the life of Gwendoline Small.
Having “met” her, they get to realize her love for many things – like washing with a “jooking board”, working in the cane fields, hoeing, weeding, picking bananas and taking them to Cheapside Market – among other things.
Perhaps “love” is not the correct word to use. Gwendoline, it would seem, was forced to do all these things as part of her mode of survival. She was obviously a hard-working woman.
In a special living tribute to his mother Gwendoline, artist Don Small is currently showcasing her during a special exhibition. Some of the pieces were painted from as far back as 1999.
Each painting is done using acrylic on canvas, and each tells a special, personal story; whether it’s entitled Gwendoline The Phenomenal Woman; Gwendoline Picking Peas; Gwendoline and Amber; Gwendoline Transporting Sugar Cane; Gwendoline Preparing For Town, or Gwendoline in Cheapside Market.
Gwendoline is the subject of each painting and you will undoubtedly walk away from both galleries with a picture-perfect picture of the love and appreciation this artist has for his mother.
Hailing from rural St Andrew, Small has been painting seriously for the past 15 years.  A few of his pieces can also be viewed at The Gallery of Caribbean Art, Northern Business Centre in Speightstown.
His current private exhibition opened last Sunday and runs until September 8.
Go meet Gwendoline! Perhaps you can also take home a painting of her. (CH)