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Relax and enjoy Country View

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Relax and enjoy Country View

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It was country view by name and nature!
Country View Bar & Grill in Market Hill, St George, offered an imposing view of the country all the way out to the sea and horizon when we arrived there on Saturday evening.
The sloping terrain that stretched itself out before us was a thing of pure beauty.
As the evening turned into night and the lights filled spaces along the terrain, Country View established itself as a place to retreat, put your feet up and relax.
The operator of the establishment, the youthful Nalicia Black, was herself the appropriate hostess to bring calm to any troubled lives. Her assistants – Shevon Harris who cooks the culinary delights and Skakera Bispham who keeps those with an appetite for their choice of beverages happy – also jelled with the ambience.
Saturday seems to have been a special day, with one of the local communications providers, LIME, teaming up with Mount Gay to provide treats and other specials to the customers.
The patrons overflowed to the tent on the outside and folks sat on the uncovered benches which added to the décor of the well-appointed establishment.
The scent wafting from the kitchen where Bajan fare was the order of the day was an allure in itself. The highly visible menu included breadfruit chips, scalloped potatoes, vegetable rice, fried pork chops, grilled fish and chicken, pickled gizzards and pudding and souse.
Among those enjoying the evening at Country View was recent winner in the karaoke competition in the St Peter Festival, Janelle Gibbons. Even though there was no karaoke session, this lady who has performed well in competitions across Barbados was having fun with her friends.
A gentlemen in her group was so happy he took one of the females for a ride on his back. She took it in stride and seemed to enjoy every moment of the experience.  
There were others who grabbed any willing partner to dance to the Caribbean-flavoured music played by deejays Rush and Cow.  
Tiffany Clarke, who was having a good time, told us she was there to relax since she loved to socialize.
Among her other interests she listed dancing and cooking.
Minister of Agriculture Dr David Estwick was also spotted, good naturedly engaging patrons. Social engagement was clearly at the top of his mind.
There were other well known Bajan personalities – some in the media – who wanted to keep a low profile.
Saturday evening at Country View Bar & Grill was a real treat. The Bajan flair associated with the experience was dominant and the folks were doing it the Bajan way.