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More stores at Limegrove soon

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More stores at Limegrove soon

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A SHUTTLE SERVICE has been launched to transport South Coast hotel guests to and from the upscale Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown, St James.
Operator Michael Adjemian said he came up with the idea because “Limegrove has not been very busy”.
“I approached a few hotel managers with the idea. The service has been running for about a month and it has been well received,” he said.
He added that he also pitched the idea to management of the mixed-use West Coast facility as well as Diamonds International which operates five outlets in the centre.
Adjemian told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY ten hotels were on board and about 150 visitors were transported in the first four weeks.
He said he was looking to attract 15 to 20 more hotels with the ultimate goal of operating seven days per week.
Meanwhile, Limegrove developer Paul Altman said the service was a “good” initiative which was drawing shoppers to the complex.
“It sends a message that we’re not waiting for things to happen. It is a proactive step and people look forward to it.
“When the guests arrive, there is always someone there to greet them,” he said.
Altman added that the facility was becoming more and more “exciting” as the months went by.
“We just opened the second cinema and we’ll have ten new tenants coming in leading up to winter,” he said.
The managing director of Altman Real Estate also said construction had started on the final building which will house Burberry, Hugo Boss and Toronto Dominion Bank.
That structure, which will be located behind the Louis Vuitton building, is expected to be completed in the first quarter of next year.
“We have a number of new tenants coming in before that which include Longchamp, Gatsby, Crocs and Sundek along with some office-type tenants,” he said.
Altman added that the dinner lounge on the rooftop would be used more regularly in the future while the Lime Bar was becoming “the spot on the West Coast to go for a drink”. (NB)

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