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Husbands: No bad blood

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Husbands: No bad blood

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DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY (DLP) Senator Harry Husbands says any hard feelings about his selection over former candidate Austin Husbands to represent the party in St James North have been set aside, and the party is united in focusing on taking the seat away from the Barbados Labour Party (BLP).Speaking at a joint meeting of the party’s St James branches on Sunday night, Husbands said the work in that constituency was well on the way and there was no bad blood.Just over a year ago, the DLP’s executive council gave him the nod over the unsuccessful 2008 candidate Austin Husbands to carry the party’s flag in the next general elections, despite reports that the senator did not have the support of the branch.However, Husbands told the supporters who packed the Queen’s College hall that was now water under the bridge.“Despite whatever you may have read, despite whatever happened in the past, we have put all of that behind us. We have elected a new branch executive and virtually all of our house to house campaigning is finished,” he said.“As far as we are concerned, everything in the past – who didn’t like my nomination, who didn’t like this, who didn’t like that – that dun! We turn over a new leaf and we working.”Husbands, who will be seeking to win a seat that has been a traditional BLP stronghold, said the focus was on improving the lives of constituents who he said had suffered for 20 years under the BLP.