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Women should unite against court system

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Women should unite against court system

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Dear Christine,
I am responding to the letter which was written in last week’s paper concerning the trouble single parents go through when it comes to child maintenance.
What ANNOYED [the writer of last week’s letter] said is so true. I have the same problem with the way things are being done right now.
Prior, if the money were posted in July you got it in August, and you’d get September’s money in October and so on. That is no longer the case.
Money is paid to the court on a daily basis, but still we have to wait until those who have to print the cheques get around to printing them.
What’s more, you must never make the mistake of calling the court’s office. When you do, you are treated like a dog, or as though you are begging them for money. All the while, the children are suffering.
Christine, I would like ANNOYED and all of the women out there who have issues with the court system when it comes to the payment of child maintenance to meet in Independence Square on Saturday, October 27, at 4 p.m. to discuss what we can do, even if it means getting David Comissiong to fight for us.
 – Annoyed 2
Dear Annoyed 2,
You are taking a bold step and I hope that these initial steps pay off big for you and those who crusade on behalf of our nation’s children.
I noticed that you did not insert a time but I have gone ahead and done so. It would also be great if in the meanwhile, you could start canvassing for women in similar situations to yours.
I also believe that you should team up with the group For The Children’s Sake, who are fighting the same battle as you.
Many of their members have expressed the same concerns that you have, including the way they are treated at the court.
This shows that we are not as NISE as we should be, even when it comes to the sensitive issue of facing the court to receive maintenance for your child. One would think more understanding and compassion would be displayed.   
For The Children’s Sake meets at Queen’s Park each first Saturday of the month at 4 p.m.
There is much strength in unity, so please work together.
I see no harm in seeking the legal advice of or hiring attorney at law David Comissiong. It’s your right to bring an attorney on board.