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Cottage vibes

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Cottage vibes

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The spirit of inland Barbados, where the remnants of sugar plantation life remain, pervaded Cottage, St George, Saturday night.
All the symbolism seemed to loom large before us. Foremost was the name of the bar which hosted the activities of the night: Big Sweets’ Bar was perhaps a perfect location to showcase the sweetness the rural parish has to offer. The sweetness was, however, tempered by the verdant lime, golden apple and plum trees that added beauty and variety to the ambience of the locale.
The hostess of the evening was Big Sweets herself, who lent real meaning to the name by the sweet, pleasant manner in which she treated her customers.
Delores Sealy-White was like a sugar coating on an already pleasurable experience. Her husband Tony was also a great host. The atmosphere was therefore prepared for a night to satisfy every patron who had come out to have a good time.
Interestingly enough, it appeared as if the theme of sweetness was to be carried through in every corner of the well-appointed space. One of the first women we met proclaimed that she was called Dark Sugar. It was a name of which she was immensely proud. Stacia Worrell, of Drax Hall Hope, a charming young lady, as she stood at the bar rhythmically dancing to the music, added a little spice to validate the true meaning of the name which we prefer not to mention here. Suffice it to say, she was black and beautiful and filled with self-adoration to match that of any indulgent onlooker.    
Dark Sugar had trekked from Drax Hall to participate in the karaoke competition that was organized by the St George North Action Team.  
Speaking of karaoke, she said: “It is a fun thing. You could be yourself. Karaoke is my thing. I like it bad.”
One of the outstanding karaoke singers for the night was Carolyn Corbin, who was winner of Saturday’s preliminary. Another sweet personality, Carolyn declared she was also known as Big and Sexy.
Perhaps she would be better identified as that sweet, caring, proud mum who cheers loudly at every cricket ground for her two cricketing sons, Rico Webb, of Police Cricket club and Kyle Corbin, captain of Sagicor UWI cricket team. She dedicated her victory in the karaoke competition to the Sagicor UWI team for their recent success in the 50-over tournament and a victory over Maple on Saturday in the 20/20 competition.
“I follow Sagicor UWI everywhere, and my cheers are so loud, it makes up for many more fans who may be keeping quiet and then they join in,” she told us.
The sweetness of the occasion was perhaps doubly intensified as symbolized by the presence of another “Biggy Sweets”. This one was carrying the given name, Patricia Archer. She is also a shop proprietor who operates from Haggatt Hall in the vicinity of Hill Milling factory. On Friday, she will be 40 years old and explained that she was celebrating in a big way with a shop lime at her establishment.
The slogan of Big Sweets’ Bar in Cottage, St George, is “savour the experience”. It reminds one of the sweet smell wafting through the air for miles from a sugar factory. Those who are familiar with the sweet odour emanating from the former Bulkeley factory or the nearby Andrews Factory would fully appreciate the notion of savouring the experience. The folks clearly savoured the experience on Saturday night.
Whether it was the singing of the karaoke singers in contest, or those singing just for the thrill of it; the succulent pork shops, chicken legs or turkey drum stick; or the chance to dance with a partner; the imbibing of drinks or simply enjoying a relaxing moment, the experience was worthy of being savoured.