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DEAR CHRISTINE: She doesn’t want him to support kids

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: She doesn’t want him to support kids

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Dear Christine,
There is this lady in my neighbourhood – a unique, high-class neighbourhood – who thinks she has the best husband in the world.
Now, they are going through problems. Both of them drive expensive cars and have two children together.
However, five months ago, she found out that he has two outside women and one child each from these women. The children are very young.
This woman thinks she has class. Now look at what her husband has done to her. She praises him up to the max but does not want him to support these children.
Christine, don’t you think that is unreasonable of her? If she were one of the other women she would not want anyone to do that to her.
Christine, I think this woman is being unfair. It seems she does not think those children deserve anything. Those children did not choose their parents so I think she should sit down, reason with her husband and then welcome the children with love. They are not to blame. She should blame her husband and not take out her anger on the children.
Also, she wants her husband to have a DNA test to see if the children are truly his. I call her a wicked woman. She has no right doing that to those children. She should accept them, move on with her life or get out of the marriage. It’s that simple. It’s not that I am jealous of her, but I am concerned about the two children.
– ?
Dear ?,
You have got to be kidding me!
Where have you drawn your conclusions from, and why are you putting down this woman? Why are you meddling in her affairs?
You are being malicious and I can see you’re out to belittle this woman – whoever she is. Have you tried placing yourself in her shoes?
What would you have done if it were you? Sit, grin and bear it? I doubt it!
This woman has every right to demand that her husband take a DNA test to determine if the children are truly his.
Why should she welcome these children into her home and life without knowing the truth? Would you?
With all the inside information you have about this man and his wife, you have left me to wonder if you are one of the outside women. Whether or not you are, you should let her run her household as she sees fit. At the end of the day, she is still his wife and he is her husband. You are the one who is wicked.