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Tourism ‘just won’t help’

Dawne Parris

Tourism ‘just won’t help’

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Opposition spokesman on the economy Clyde Mascoll has suggested that it’s too late for the tourism sector to be the saving grace for the Barbados economy this year.
And he says it’s time for Government to abandon its fiscal policy and accept that putting more money in people’s pockets to help create growth is the right path to economic growth.
In his third-quarter review earlier this week, Central Bank Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell said the economy grew by just 0.2 per cent between January and September and Barbados’ 2012 growth prospects hinged largely on the performance of tourism in the coming winter season.
Mascoll insisted yesterday that Worrell was banking too much on the sector.
“It is impossible for tourism to [earn] enough in the last quarter to reverse the four per cent decline up to September. Furthermore, it is known that the winter season starts on December 15 and ends on April 15, which makes the suggestion outrageous,” the economist told the WEEKEND NATION.