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BLP’s bus route

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BLP’s bus route

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RETURNING THE Transport Board to profitability will be the first step in a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) administration’s plan to give workers and the general public the opportunity to own aspects of its operations, Opposition Leader Owen Arthur and his team have disclosed.
And even with privatization being pursued, Government  will retain a major stake in the entity.
“Transport is still  a social good that has  to be available to the elderly, in particular, to schoolchildren, to people who are disabled and even the policemen who are allowed to travel freely so the Government would be a major player,” the BLP’s chief economist Clyde Mascoll said Saturday night at the Springer Memorial School.
Mascoll, party leader Arthur and Opposition MP Mia Mottley gave some insight into proposed privatization of the Transport Board, which became a key issue during the BLP’s first People’s Forum on the topic Privatization: The Barbados Model. (DP)