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DEAR CHRISTINE: Thanks for helping my mother and me

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Thanks for helping my mother and me

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Dear Christine,
I am writing to thank the many people and companies that came to my assistance and that of my mum.
We were seeking help to get tickets and cash to travel overseas in December for my ongoing medical care. I cannot express how thankful my mum and I are for the assistance you got for us.
Mummy can finally rest at night, and the best thing is that I can see her smile again. We are just praying that when I see my doctors in December, my disease would still be in remission.
Mummy and I have faith in God that I will be okay. We will keep you posted on my condition. Again, thank you and all those who donated to the cause.
Dear Michael,
Thanks for your letter and I look forward to hearing from you and mum again.
I also send a big “thank you” to those who called, wrote and offered to help.