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Family fun at Three Houses

Wendell Callender

Family fun at Three Houses

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The scene was Three Houses Park with its shaded trees and refreshing ambience. The folks who were present in the park fitted quite naturally into the landscape, attracting our attention.
We soon discovered that they were content to relax here while seeing 2012 brought to a peaceful climax in the presence of family and friends on Sunday. They had come primarily from Byde Mill in St George. The Roberts family, relatives, friends and associates, led by Jason Roberts, were clearly enjoying the get-together as Jason called it.
Jason told us: “Our relatives are scattered so I thought it was a good idea for us to see each other for the end of the year. Hence, I called up various members of the immediate and extended family to invite them to a picnic here at Three Houses. I wanted the family to come together.”
Jason first turned to his mum Mary Roberts and grandmum Beatrice “Maisie” Roberts to assist with the preparation of food items.
Mary told us that Jason came up with the idea and simply told her that he was holding the event.
“Ladies bringing the food and men bringing the drinks was what he said,” she remarked.
She confessed that she was highly supportive of the event.
“I did my part and I am enjoying this outing,” she added.
Reflecting on the year to come, she said: “For 2013 I hope the Lord spares my life and that things won’t be so hard.”
Grandmum “Maisie” noted that she had also provided food items for the outing and was happy to be among family and friends, especially since she had previously suffered a life-threatening illness.
“For 2013 I expect good health,” she said.
Commander David Dowridge was highly visible and was obviously relishing the pleasant family atmosphere that pervaded the well known picnic spot.
 “I am here among extended family members, colleagues and godchildren,” he said.
“For 2013 I hope that people will work together and work hard so that we can pull through. I believe in the Barbadian spirit.”
Family friend Darnley Atkins brought along his three-year-old daughter Danika and when we caught up with him, he was playfully feeding her as she relished in his company. He said that it was usual for him to take his daughter to various outings.
“She is my only child and I am glad to take her all these places that I go,” he stated.
Sharon Lucas-Blackman, one of the extended family members, was seen in the company of friends Jah-Zeel Wiltshire and Robert Harewood. They seemed to be peacefully waiting for the year to end to make a fresh mark for the New Year. There was no big fuss surrounding them. Sharon and Jah-Zeel had already made their contribution to the event by bringing food items in accordance with the mandate given to the women.
Auntie Monica Maloney admitted that she was unable to bring any food offerings since she had attended church at Bethel Pentecostal in Drax Hall, St George, in the morning.
She joked: “I didn’t cook but I eat and I had to get out of the house to see the others here.”
As they prepared to enter a New Year, the family exuded the spirit of togetherness that adds a necessary ingredient to our Slice Of Bajan Life.