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Jones: Report for school

Barry Alleyne

Jones: Report for school

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Report to school and teach the country’s children.
That stern advice was passed on by Minister of Education Ronald Jones today to the almost 20 teachers who have been transferred from The Alexandra School.
“You know the law. Don’t be persuaded to do the wrong thing and suffer further consequences,” Jones advised the teachers.
“If anyone flouts the transfers, they put themselves in serious jeopardy. Proceed to where you have been transferred. If there are areas that are in dispute, those can be resolved, either through necessary negotiations, or by the highest deciding body outside of Parliament in this country – the courts of Barbados.”
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has no intention of re-involving himself in the matter. He made it clear that he has full confidence in the public servants, who have made decisions that led to the massive shake-up at the St Peter school last week, to get it right.
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