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LIME ‘squeeze’

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LIME ‘squeeze’

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TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY LIME’S outlets in Warrens, St Michael,  and Sheraton Mall, Christ Church, reopened to a hive of activity yesterday following the sacking  of 97 employees across  the network.
The Warrens outlet, located in the Dacosta Mannings Complex, was bustling while at Sheraton the fairly large crowd spilled onto the  pavement outside.
The dispute between LIME and the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) over the firings was apparently having some impact, with one official claiming some LIME staff members as well as members of the BWU were taking a number and joining the queue to have a service in an effort  to slow down the operations and frustrate genuine customers.
LIME’s head of marketing Rachel Pilgrim said: “We opened two stores with a new staff, with a very enthusiastic staff, and some of the current team have been in there taking numbers, so it slows down the process for the genuine customer. [Before] if you only had to wait on one or two persons, now you have  to wait on 12 or 15, so it obviously is detrimental  to the business.”  (LK)