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Right moves!

Barry Alleyne

Right moves!

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Minister of Education Ronald Jones has stoutly defended the transfer last week of embattled Alexandra School principal Jeff Broomes as well as almost 20 teachers to other schools.
And even if the matter does eventually go to court, he is confident the “right choice” will be made to ensure the children of Barbados are not deprived of a proper education system.
“The state has done what it thought it had to do,” Jones said yesterday.
According to the minister, the changes were necessary to protect the children of the St Peter school in the midst of a controversy, which he likened to a “hot cauldron boiling over”.
“To transfer Mr Broomes to Parkinson, some would see that as a demotion. That is not a demotion. You are a principal, then be a principal and do the best you possibly can for the children of this country.