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$20 000 bill

Maria Bradshaw

$20 000 bill

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Squatters at the Belle St Michael have once again left the National Petroleum Corporation (NPC) with a huge water bill totalling more than $20 000 dollars as a result of an illegal connection.
And the over 25 householders have been informed by constituency representative for St Michael East Kenneth Best that they would have to fork out $20 a month to pay for the service.
The residents who are squatting in a zone 1 area, where water borne facilities are prohibited, have for the past five years been getting water from a pipe which is located at the NPC’s substation at nearby Odessa McClean Road.
A source at the NPC said the residents have developed a sophisticated method to obtain water.
“They have attached a 250 ft hose to our pipe and the hose is connected to a concealed PVC pipe which is then attached to individual pipes on each of the properties.”
The source said that after this was discovered by an official at the NPC last week a padlock was placed on the pipe.