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NINE-month wonder!

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NINE-month wonder!

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Clyde Walcott and his family at Chapel Land No.6, St Philip, now have more than enough cassava for pone and whatever recipes they desire.
Last Tuesday, Walcott unearthed a three-foot long tuber from the small plot of land he has been farming near his home for over 20 years.
Walcott attributed its growth to the fact that it was in the ground for nine months, three months longer than his normal reaping time.
“When I first cut the stalk I did not expect it to be so big because most of the cassava is usually about two or three inches wide. So then I had to go and get the fork to dig it out,” he said.
Walcott said that he had never harvested anything quite as large.
Here, Walcott uses a measuring tape to get the length of his cassava. (LK) (Picture by Nigel Browne.)