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Kellman: Buy local

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Kellman: Buy local

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Declaring that Barbadians are too supportive of foreign goods, former Minister of Industry and Small Business, Denis Kellman, has called for the country to use more of what it grows.
Kellman made this comment at the annual AgroFest extravaganza in Queen’s Park, today.
“We want everyone to buy from us but we don’t want to buy from our own. We have to get rid of the foreign taste,” he said.
“If China can build their country by encouraging people to use what they produce, and then export after, that is the strategy we have to employ.
“It is time that we get back to basics and not only grow more, but use more of what we grow. We must go back to import substitutions and if we do that, it means that we will increase our production and then we will have things to export, but if we continue to buy foreign, then we have nothing to produce because we don’t have a base.”
Full story in tomorrow’s SUNDAY SUN