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PUDDING & SOUSE: Cover gone, so worker exposed

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Cover gone, so worker exposed

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A certain health care practitioner who was throwing her weight around at a health institution and bragging that no one could touch her because she had friends in high places should be feeling a bit uneasy these days.
She adamantly refused to go to another department when she received a transfer notice from her superiors. Apparently, she told her bosses in no uncertain terms that she was working only with children.
Other employees could not understand why she was wielding so much power since she was a newcomer to the job.
Word has it that now there is nobody to shield her she may be in for a rude awakening.
Pure bedlam
People were swarming all over each other as hell broke loose at a City meeting last week.
From all accounts, the runoff was as close as the recent national poll and it came down to a secret ballot.
The main man was nowhere to be seen but his influence loomed large enough to throw the event into chaos and near blows.
The discussion over who should rule the roost got so hot that table and chairs were angrily pushed around. Some of the filthiest language was also heard, according to insiders. All of this allegedly took place in front of some shocked newbies.
The opening of some old wounds triggered verbal attacks that almost ended up in punches being thrown. Frank discussion led not to unity but bitter divide and even started to sway some away from the popular choice.
Exhausted by the verbal clashes, the group finally decided on a secret ballot which put the former chauffeur back in the driver’s seat.
But there were at least two obstinate mates who had earlier gone around marshalling the troops with whom the decision did not sit well.
Friends are telling the new driver to keep her eyes not only on the road but on the passengers behind her.
Kinky couple
Who would have thought that a certain power couple would be into kinky sex in public?
They certainly could not be missed when they attended a Valentine’s night orgy at a St James residence even though they were both wearing masks.
People who recognized the headline-making couple could only conclude that money doesn’t only buy love, it also buys sex.
Staff in shock
Staff working at a controversial company which has been in the news for a while now want to know why they were treated like the enemy at a recent staff meeting.
Pudding & Souse was reliably informed that additional security was hired to search staffers at the meeting to make sure that no one had any recording devices. They were also ordered not to bring cellphones, pen or paper into the meeting.
In addition to being made to feel like criminals, the hardworking staffers were also told that they might all be on the breadline by next month.
Upset, they left the meeting wondering why they were being targeted while the senior managers responsible for everything going wrong at the business were allowed to resign with fat cheques in their hands.
The employees want to know why they are being laid off at a time when the economy is so bad while specially appointed staff get to stay and make all the money.
Hard loser
Losing gracefully is certainly not the hallmark of some people.
Take, for instance, a certain politician.
Rumour has it that he is so angry about losing that he has refused to pay the young men in his constituency to take down his posters.