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Senators pay tribute to Sir Branford

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

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Senators today paid glowing tribute to former President of the Senate, Sir Branford Taitt, who passed away two weeks ago.
Meeting for the first time since the February 21, general election, senators on both sides as well as Independent senators spoke of the life of Sir Branford and his significant contributions to politics in Barbados.
New opposition senator, Wilfred Abrahams, confessed that he had very little personal interaction with Sir Branford but he said he transformed the Senate with his rulings and the manner in which he conducted the business of the senate.
“It is a privilege on my first day in the Senate to pay tribute to Sir Branford Taitt,” he stated.
His colleague, Senator Jepter Ince recalled meeting Sir Branford when he was only 14 during a by-election in St Philip.
“He inspired me there and then to join the party”, Ince stated, as he recalled the sound advice he received from an elderly Sir Branford when he told him that politics was not a job and that politicians were called to serve the people.
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