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Worried he’s in love with another woman

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Worried he’s in love with another woman

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Dear Christine,
I HAVE BEEN in love with a guy for the past year and everything was going well between us until he met a woman from overseas.
He met her while he was having lunch at a restaurant and they exchanged addresses.
He disclosed where he worked and now that she has returned to her country, they talk on the telephone and online quite often. In fact, some nights when I am expecting him to visit me he is at home on the computer chatting with this woman – who is always sending him photographs.
He says he does not love her, but this situation has me going out of my head, especially since I am now made to understand that she will be visiting the island again in a couple months’ time.
Do you think I am overly worried or should I be really concerned about what is happening right under my nose?
– A

Dear A,
I think you should be concerned and you should let him know that you are. Relationships can start with a smile, so imagine what having an address can lead to.
Your boyfriend is obviously fascinated with this woman, and although he may be telling the truth when he says he does not love her, he is definitely doing his fair share of flirting.
Let him know how much you love him and that you’re hurting because of the attention he is giving this woman. Do what you can to make him happy, but if he does not appreciate your attention and continues to be “smitten” by this woman – release him and let him go.
Happiness will be at your door again.