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LEFT OF CENTRE: Warn tourists, especially

Oral Reid

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Crime Stoppers Barbados is of the view that the cash-for-gold phenomenon is not peculiar to Barbados and is an issue that legislators and law enforcement officials in most countries around the world are seeking to come to terms with and find viable solutions for.
The recent advisory issued by the Royal Barbados Police Force stating that “though the current emphasis is on the gold rush and the public has been advised to refrain from wearing valuable jewellery”, we must be mindful that items such as smart phones and laptops are also very attractive items to those in our society who are seeking quick cash through illicit means.
The proliferation of these acts threatens the fabric of our society, our economy and our sense of safety, and as citizens and residents we must do everything in our power to support the efforts of police and be courageous enough to provide whatever information we may have about anyone who may be involved in these illicit trading activities.
Crime Stoppers Barbados is committed to assisting the Royal Barbados Police Force in its efforts to stem the increasing theft of precious metals and valuable items, and will soon be stepping up the promotion of our toll-free number 1-800-8477.
We are urging members of the public to provide information on anyone they believe is involved in the snatching of chains, watches and so forth, and also provide information on unscrupulous businesses and people buying these stolen items. They must be stopped and brought before the law.
As this problem is affecting our entire society, we intend to engage in discussion with various stakeholders to determine how best Crime Stoppers may be able to assist or complement specific efforts they may embark upon.
For example, we will be collaborating with the tourism sector to determine how Crime Stoppers can support their efforts to sensitize tourists about possible risks and measures to mitigate them.
At the end of the day, Crime Stoppers Barbados is here to support the efforts of law enforcement to stop, prevent and reduce crime in this beautiful island.
We all have a stake in the safety and security of this island, so the onus is on every one of us to take a stand against the handful of people who are bent on taking away the standard of life that is ours to enjoy.
• Oral Reid is chairman of Crime Stoppers Barbados.