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Rock Hall squatters make case for water


Rock Hall squatters make case for water

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BACK?in 2007?Government made a big hullabaloo about the squatters at Rock Hall, St Phillip.
Thirty-four of them were served enforcement notices and the then Prime Minister Owen Arthur, in a tough-talking speech to the country, was adamant that the 100 squatters who were in the vicinity of  Grantley Adams International Airport “must go”.
He said they were affecting the underground water supply and aircraft safety at the airport and that he had given the Chief Town Planner the green light to take enforcement action against the squatters.
But six years later the squatters are still there and the community has almost doubled the 100 number and expanded their “territory” to as far as Gemswick (formerly Pennyhole) – an area directly facing the airport.
What is also amazing about the situation, according to some of the squatters, is that both “the Democratic Labour Party and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) were busy canvassing the area last election, holding spot meetings and distributing circulars.