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Alive, thank God!

Carlos Atwell

Alive, thank God!

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Anthony “Django” Lynch is today thanking God for delivering him from a deadly situation.
The experienced sewerage cleaner was cleaning a 30-foot well on March 5 in Britton’s Hill, St Michael, when a three-inch slab of concrete fell on him, cracking his skull and injuring his left leg.
Today he is recuperating at his St Michael home. The DAILY NATION visited the humble, soft-spoken man to get his first-hand account of what happened.
“I was cleaning a well for Jose y Jose [Liquid & Solid Waste Management Inc.], which I have been doing for 29 years. I was down in the well and there was a concrete slab in there which had probably let go from the cover. I hooked the slab securely and two other fellows went to haul it out,” he said.
This was when the accident occurred. Lynch said he blamed himself for not climbing out of the well first after strapping the slab down but he was also critical of the men who were pulling it up, saying they were not strong enough for the job and did not brace themselves properly.
At any rate, the slab did not make it out of the well – it came crashing back down as the men lost their grip. Lynch said he remembered little from that point on, as he woke up in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with ten stitches in his skull and a bandaged left knee. He said he did not even know the incident was covered by the Press until he saw it days later.