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Support new WICB president

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Support new WICB president

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As we say in Barbados you must accept the verdict of the electorate when they have spoken.
I believe the same principles apply in democratically held elections of the West Indies Cricket Board.
Subsequently, we must support new president Dave Cameron who beat incumbent Julian Hunte by two votes in a close election as I predicted.
I believe the new man at the top takes over when it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel.
As the former vice-president, he will take some credit for that but more important he would have been privy to the long-term plans of the board and is in a good position to advance the cause with the help of his executive and staff.
Notwithstanding that there must be continuity, we would expect that Cameron will also want to be seen as his own man and will be bringing some fresh ideas to the table.
As in all high-profile positions, he must have a broad back because he knows he will be praised when things go well and be harshly criticized when things go wrong.
No president since the mid-1990s when the decline of West Indies started with the speed of a Usain Bolt has been able to avoid this two-edged sword and Cameron will not be an exception as emotions sway like a see-saw depending on results, particularly on the field.
There is a history of numerous administrative errors in the past too, and if the Jamaican businessman wants to set himself apart from the reign of some of his predecessors, he must ensure that these are avoided altogether.
It doesn’t mean that he must attempt to micro-manage the organization but he must keep a close eye on how things are run because hard or soft, all roads will lead to him being the one who wears the crown.
I don’t know if he sees it as a priority but I would like Cameron to do whatever is necessary to end the ongoing feud between the two parties for the control of Guyana’s cricket.
It is true that the board and the International Cricket Council had always supported the Guyana Cricket Board but I think the shadow of the government-appointed Interim Management Committee still lingers over the smooth running of the game.
Guyana has always been one of the main staples of regional cricket in terms of talent and spectator support. Nothing further should be done to threaten that pivotal role.
In fact, they were bypassed for hosting of regional and international games at the height of the controversy but have apparently found favour again based on what has unfolded this season in regional exchanges and they are due to host West Indies vs Pakistan too.
In every power struggle inevitably it is the average man who suffers even while the warring protagonists introduce every possible reason why they should govern.
Under Cameron’s watch I want to see a total resolution because the avid Guyanese supporters shouldn’t be deprived in any fashion of watching cricket at any level.
It will also be to the benefit of the new executive if they can avoid having all too frequent confrontations with the West Indies Players Association, especially ones that lead to litigation.
It is perhaps ironic that on the eve of the elections in Barbados recently, a High Court ruling in Trinidad gave the board a rare victory over the players’ representatives.
We can only hope that as we move forward, both bodies will respect signed agreements and allow the focus to fall on action in the middle as we seek to get back in the top half of cricket’s batting order.
The forthcoming Caribbean Premier League is a great springboard for any new president. In metaphoric terms, it should provide a high we should strive to maintain.
Cameron has the mandate to lead from in front.
• Andi Thornhill is an experienced award-winning freelance sports journalist.