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Bureaucrat put in his place

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Bureaucrat put in his place

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A BIG-UP BUREAUCRAT was cut down to size last week after he protested the actions of his political boss.
Like an errant schoolboy, the experienced public servant was summoned to a meeting and given a tongue-lashing which left him in no doubt about who was the one in charge.
On return to his office, the man – a boss in his own right – reportedly let his displeasure be known. So vocal was this usually quiet, mild-mannered man who is known for his integrity and competence that his staff was shocked.
The core of the problem, Cou Cou was told, relates to the transfer of nearly two-thirds of a fund’s assets. The bureaucrat contended that such action was not in the best interest of all concerned and the decision should be reversed. But he was put him in his place one time and told that he had better toe the line.
People are now wondering if this man of principle will tolerate such treatment or join the list of senior public servants opting for retirement.
Courting constituency
That seems to be the direction in which a certain individual is heading.
This man, whose charming smile and smooth words are seen as an asset to his calling, is known to be close to a particular constituency and an incumbent parliamentarian who is unlikely to return for another poll.
Those in the know say he is busy organizing things in the particular constituency, meeting constituents, forming alliances and, most of all, is on a charm offensive to secure himself when his mentor departs.
Though he is expected to be a shoo-in when the bell is next rung, those in the know are wondering how he will be able to adjust his genteel life philosophy to the rough and tumble world of elective politics. Time will tell.
Something amiss
TROUBLE SEEMS TO BE brewing in a certain camp. And, from what Cou Cou has been told, it centres on the accusations of vote-buying by particular candidates.
It appears a senior individual wants to launch a full-fledged investigation into this phenomenon, but few of his colleagues have a stomach for it.
Despite this, the individual is still pushing the argument, saying it would be a great way to destabilize the opponents, distract the public and appear as being the defender of the public good.
This veteran expected his colleagues to go for the plan, but the heated debate that followed suggested something was amiss.
So the individual has called a time-out on the idea, with a proviso to discuss this later – whenever later is.
Bent out of shape
IS IT TRUE the reason why a certain man is bent out of shape these days is because he feels not enough financial support was put behind him in a recent event?
Is it true that he felt if this had happened he would have done much better than he did, even possibly unseating a titan?
Is it also true that because he said so bluntly, as well as pointed out that another person on whom large sums were expended didn’t fare much better than he did, he seems to have been ostracized?
And is it true, too, that his actions of late to remain in the public eye despite being sidelined are only making the people who matter upset, and less inclined to throw something his way?
These are just a few of the questions Cou Cou has been bombarded with in the wake of this man’s exclusion and his obvious disappointment.
We have no clue why he was excluded. All we know is that this man is hurting badly and is seeking a good pick.