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What’s Trending:Elderly man’s living conditions

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What’s Trending:Elderly man’s living conditions

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.
When readers learned of the plight of Harold Bishop who lives in conditions many would deem unimaginable many commented on this situation.
The elderly St Michael resident is appealing for some help even as he tries to make the best of his situation. He has no telephone and no electricity and uses an outhouse.
This is what some are saying:
Princess Tiny Neferua: “I am wondering when everyone was out on the campaign trail a few months ago, seeking votes, didn’t anyone come across this man and his plight. Well now that everyone is settled back in the house comfortably, I am hoping the minister of social welfare can do something for him.”
Jeffrey Green: “Didn’t we just have a General Election in Barbados? I know people will say you shouldn’t sit back and wait on politicians for everything but this totally ridiculous. No one should have to live like this.”
Margaret Ross: “This is not the kind of story I want to read about, coming out of Barbados. Come on now! This gentleman should not be in the position he’s in. An out-house – I thought those were long gone. Maybe when his son comes home next month things will change. I hope so. Give the man a helping hand (Government) until he gets on his two feet after all, he’s human.”