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‘Can we afford culture venue?’

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

‘Can we afford culture venue?’

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DJ Admiral Nelson says while he sees the need for a major cultural facility, he is worried that it can become a white elephant.
Nelson, a top radio DJ, told the DAILY?NATION, he was unsure whether the entertainment industry was big enough to sustain such an investment.
“I am with Bag [Stedson Wiltshire] and Gabby [Anthony Carter]. I agree with them that the Plantation Theatre is a big loss, but I wonder how strong the music industry is to sustain a venue like this.
“I hope if it becomes a reality, it does not turn into a facility where shows featuring regional and international performers benefit more than the local artistes. What I want to see is more respect given to the local artistes and exposure to their music,” he said. (MK)