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Push local music

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Push local music

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MINISTER?OF CULTURE STEPHEN LASHLEY is not happy with the level of local music being played on radio stations and thinks the time has come for an entity that will cater specially to Barbadian entertainment.
Lashley told the DAILY?NATION yesterday that many of the local talents in this country are not being heard while at the same time there is major airplay of American and international music.
“I really feel that we should not have to legislate this; we should not have to amend the broadcasting regulations. We can do much better on our radio stations to push more local music.
“There is plenty of talent in this country, not only calypso but across the various genres, and it isn’t getting its just due.
“I am amazed that oftentimes [when] I turn from one radio station to another, I can hear more international or foreign music than I am hearing Barbadian music.