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Bynoe: Import tariff not proper

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Bynoe: Import tariff not proper

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THE 184 per cent import tariff on certain meat products is having such an effect on Carlton and Emerald City supermarkets that the two establishments may not be able to supply Barbadians with the popular seasoned chicken wings from next week.
 Mananging director Andrew Bynoe told the MIDWEEK?NATION, that neither supermarket deli will stock the chicken wings until the import duty reverts to 20 per cent.
“We had a shipment of  wings which arrived on the island on Monday and the duty on them has gone from $7 795.43 to $71 717.99 – from 20 per cent to 184 per cent.
“There is no way that the customer will pay the new price for chicken wings if we were to pass on this duty. If the duty is not reduced, Barbadians will not have seasoned chicken wings from Carlton &?Emerald City supermarkets. They will get seasoned pork, proper pork,” he added.
Bynoe labelled the import duty a penalty that will kill economic activity.

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