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Increase in drugs from US

Mike King

Increase in drugs from US

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There is a proliferation of drugs coming from the United States into Barbados and worryingly for local border patrols, an increase in illegal guns as well.
Retired Comptroller of Customs Frank Holder told the DAILY?NATION that formerly, drugs were smuggled to the United States but now, the United States is one of the shipment points.
“Things have changed. Drugs are now coming from the United States with the hydroponic drugs being produced there and shipped here in the barrels which come through Shed 2.
“We have had quite a number of shipments come through Shed 2, not only from the United States but also from Jamaica. Certainly, though, the United States has become a source country for drugs,” he said.
Holder said that while drugs were coming through both ports of entry, the majority have come through the seaport.