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Not afraid to flog!

Yvette Best

Not afraid to flog!

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Parkinson Memorial Secondary School principal Jeff Broomes does not intend to spare the rod.
Almost two weeks after being confronted on the school’s Pine, St Michael premises by the stepfather of a child who had been disciplined, Broomes told the MIDWEEK NATION he would not be deterred from inflicting corporal punishment whenever he saw the need.
“If I see a child has to be flogged, I will flog a child. I thought the child was absolutely, totally disrespectful to her year head, who brought her to me. And if any child is presented to me for those same reasons, my response will be the same,” Broomes said.
“I am not out to beat people. . . .[but] if I think a child has done something that warrants a particular response, I will respond that way. This [incident] has not in any way fazed me.”
Aware of the rumours circulating on Facebook and in the public domain about injuries to his person, Broomes said he was not injured in the incident but his glasses were broken. They were replaced the same morning.