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Keep up the good work, Christine

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Keep up the good work, Christine

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Dear Christine,
MY LETTER is not one of those where people are begging for assistance or dealing with a heartbreaking relationship. I am writing just to commend you for the work you have been doing and continue to do – helping people, giving them sound, sensible, moral advice, and keeping things in check.
Unfortunately, I am not one of the many Barbadians who have been reading your column for years. I have been told by my Barbadian in-laws that this column has been appearing for quite some time.
I first read Dear Christine four years ago when I came to Barbados on vacation. I have to admit that I admired the responses to letters and most of the time, agreed with the answers.
I moved to Barbados recently after the doctor advised me that it was better to live in a warm country. I had lived in Montreal for many years, but originally came from Newark in the United States.
Dear Christine has become a must-read for me. Not a day goes by without me taking my cup of coffee and reading this column.
In fact, I must be totally honest; apart from reading headlines – which is the first thing I do – I turn to Dear Christine and read the column from start to finish.
I am sometimes taken aback by the letters which appear and some of the issues people are dealing with.
I know that because of your newspaper’s wide readership, some of the writers must be from different islands and countries. In fact, sometimes this is pointed out in the letters.
I have also discovered that the issues which are put before you are wide and varied, and I have the utmost respect for the answers you give – as always in most cases, sound advice.
As I write this letter, and even as I read those which are sent in, I have one query in mind. I often wonder if Dear Christine is a man or a woman.
Forgive me if I sound like a curious schoolgirl who wonders if the boy who sent her a letter signed “secret admirer” is the same boy who passed her in the school’s corridor one day and asked her her name, or perhaps if the guy who makes it a point to always give her a smile is that special one. Not that it makes any difference!
On this warm afternoon, I simply wanted to say keep up the good work and good advice. You are doing a wonderfuljob and I wish you and the staff at the NATION all God’s blessings.– Madame B
Dear Madame B,
Your letter is like a breath of fresh air. On behalf of the team at The NATION, I extend a hearty “thank you” to you.
There are many aspects to being Dear Christine. In addition to answering “relationship” and other letters of a more social nature, a lot of work is done behind the scenes to assist in providing food, clothing, counseling and various types of assistance to countless people out there.
Unfortunately, not everyone who request assistance receives the assistance they require. This is always due to a lack of resources.
However, I am grateful to those businesses and individuals who give frequent assistance. I think I will keep you guessing as to whether Dear Christine is a man or a woman (smile).
You did say it makes no difference and I totally agree totally with you.
Please continue reading our publications and thanks for your commitment and faithfulness.

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