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MINISTER?of Culture Stephen Lashley says Government may soon be looking at a copyright licensing system to prohibit companies who are not making a contribution to Crop Over from using the festival’s brand to “reap rewards”.
Speaking over the weekend at the launch of the House Of Soca calypso tent, Lashley said he was concerned about the growing number of business entities that have not supported the festival financially but are “reaping the rewards of what happens every Crop Over”.
Before an audience that included acting chief executive officer of the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), Cranston Browne, and 2011 Calypso monarch David Popsicle?Hall, Lashley said he was determined to ensure that the Crop Over brand and the intellectual property associated with the festival are not freely used.
“Over the years, it has been an issue with many business entities and private individuals using the Crop Over brand for gain and for profit. We are going to probably have to go in the direction of ensuring that not only we protect the intellectual property of Crop Over but we move to a system of having copyright licensing for the use of the brand.