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Sons unhurt but mother injured after crash

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Sons unhurt but mother injured  after crash

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TWO BOYS aged two and seven escaped unhurt but their mother was injured when their vehicle slammed into a house in Four Roads, St Philip, yesterday morning.
Kelston Rawlins and his wife Dawn, who were in the kitchen cooking when the accident occurred, were uninjured but shaken by the accident.
The police said that around 9:20 a.m. a car driven by Feleshia Sirjue  of Ocean City, St Philip, ran off the road and struck the Rawlins’ house.
Sirjue received injuries to her head, neck and shoulder and was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by ambulance.
Her children, Charles, seven, and Christopher, two, escaped unhurt but were both shaken by the accident.
Dawn told the DAILY NATION: “We just heard this awful sound like someone pulling brakes . . . then we heard this loud thud and we felt the whole house shake and I just held onto the sink and then my husband told me to run, move, and all the glasses in the cupboard just fell on him and he ran.
“My husband ran outside to see what was going on and I ran behind him and this is when I saw the car onto the house by the front bedroom and I ran to the car and saw a girl in the car on her phone and she was bleeding and two kids were in the car and they were crying, so I pulled  the kids out of the car.”
She said “the whole house was pushed back and the bathroom wall is cracked” but she was “glad that the kids were not injured”.
Kelston, a self-employed joiner, said: “Everything in the front bedroom where the car crashed in has been rearranged”. (RL)