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Club wiser about doping


Club wiser  about doping

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THE CAMP SAVVY THRIFT CLUB has got a better understanding of doping in sport and how doping affects users.
Doping control officer Jasper Blades spoke to about 25 secondary school children yesterday afternoon at Ellerslie Secondary School. It was part of UNESCO’s National Anti-Doping Education Project.
Blades advised members of the camp to become more aware of the organizations involved in the anti-doping fight and expressed satisfaction with the campers, the outcome of the conference and the efforts made by the campers when they participated in the questionnaire.
“Looking at the questionnaires, I am happy with what I’ve seen and that they were able to retain some of the information and take part today.”
He said the main objective of this exercise was to spread the word to the next generation and hoped the campers would use their new knowledge.
“I hope today they would be aware of the organizations involved in the anti-doping fight.
“I also hope they become aware of the economic and medical issues when you are found guilty of using them and the repercussions.”
Camp member Ronnie Taylor said he learnt about the importance of drug testing and the health-related issues associated with using these drugs.
“I learnt about why you should not do drugs. I also learnt about how they affect the persons who use them,” he said.
Che Carter, who is also a camp member, said he knew more about the side effects of doping and how often drug testing was done.
“I learnt about the basic stuff such as the anti-doping rule violations.
“I also learnt a bit more about the side effects of doping, how often drug testing is done, and the organizations involved, such as NADO [National Anti-Doping Organization] and WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency].”
The Camp Savvy Thrift Club is organized by the Barbados Public Workers’ Cooperative Credit Union Ltd.