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Seth calling for convict’s release

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Seth calling for convict’s release

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SETH?THE SIGN MAN?is agitating for the immediate release of a man who shot a police officer 23 years ago.
“Time To Release Carlisle Payne From Prison”, was what was written on the huge billboard Seth carried on him as he walked from Hastings, Christ Church, to the Supreme Court at Whitepark Road, St Michael, where he staged a peaceful protest on Thursday morning.
Payne was 17 when he shot Police Constable Marlon Marville at New Orleans in 1991.
Payne was subsequently detained in prison at Her Majesty’s pleasure but in 2010 he was among several inmates with similar sentences that were deemed unconstitutional by the court. Following a review, that  sentence was changed to life in prison.
But Seth pointed out that he knew Marville, who was his junior at Harrison College, and that he also knew Payne. Seth is questioning why Payne was not among the many men who were released last year and in 2011, who had served more than 20 years in prison.
“He was only 17 when this crime happened. He was just an average youngster who just got involved in gang violence. I?don’t know if it was because he came from that background, because he grew up in Chapman Lane.
“I figure after 23 years that he should be released. My spirit just come to him after I spoke to him in prison and I decided to come out and show him support,” said Seth, who added that he believed Payne was being kept in prison because he had killed a police officer.
Seth said he had written Chief Justice Marston Gibson a year ago about Payne’s situation.
“I never got a response from him but I will write him again and I am hoping that he can meet with me to discuss this matter,” he said.
Seth is also planning to protest outside Her Majesty’s Prisons Dodds to bring awareness to Payne’s situation. (MB)