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LIAT rapped over delays, missing shades

Mike King

LIAT rapped over delays, missing shades

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Customer service complaints against LIAT have soared to another level with one passenger planning an online petition to boycott the airline, while another passenger has had four hiccups in the last six weeks, culminating in luggage lost between St Vincent and Barbados.
Both Sean Field of New York, and Barbadian Vincent Ramsey, a sales representative who depends heavily on the Caribbean airline, have expressed disgust and frustration with the service, claiming the airline has been unprofessional in dealing with their complaints.
Ramsay told the DAILY NATION he was one of several LIAT?travellers with missing luggage.
“LIAT seems to have numerous problems. They have boosted their airline fleet but the same problems remain and, if anything, it has gotten worse. In the last six weeks of travelling with LIAT, I have five, six and eight-hour delays at various times and now lost luggage.
“In my line of work, I have no choice but to travel with LIAT. If there was another option, I certainly would not fly with LIAT. If one was getting information from LIAT, it would not be so much of a problem, but you are not getting anyone from LIAT communicating with you and when you call the airline, the attitude makes you wonder.”
Field wrote in an email to LIAT over the weekend: “I will be starting an online petition to boycott your airline. Just for one day. One day of no flying across the entire region. So you can truly understand what it’s like to be ignored and be punished for something that seemingly could have been handled differently.”