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Daredevil cart rider

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Daredevil cart rider

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FORGET THE “TWO-WHEELERS”, the bicycle and motorcycle daredevils who have been doing stunts on the road.
A man riding a simple supermarket trolley can cause just as much chaos, worry and anger on a highway.
The “shopping cart daredevil” was spotted manoeuvring through traffic on the ABC Highway, coasting down the slope from the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic, heading to Sky Mall in Haggatt Hall.
But without a helmet, mirrors, airbags, lights, a horn or even brakes, this mode of transportation is exceedingly dangerous and would most likely be severely frowned upon by law enforcement officials. (CA)
Here, the daredevil cart rider making his way down the highway and (inset) showing off to boot.
(Picture by Nigel Browne.)