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No Flavorite

Maria Bradshaw

No Flavorite

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Six employees?at Flavorite Ice Cream are without jobs after management from Trinidad informed them on Monday that the company was closing its Wildey office.
A spokesman for the workers, who requested anonymity, said that around 7 p.m. yesterday, five of the six were given their final cheques.
When contacted at the Wildey office, financial controller, Trinidadian Bernard Malcolm, refused to divulge the status of Flavorite, which has been operating in Barbados for seven years. He said the company would make a statement in due course.
But the workers’ spokesman said that they were informed that all of the stock was to be transported to Flavorite’s competitor, BICO.
“Mr Malcolm told us that the company was closing and that we need to move the stock to BICO,”?the employee said. “For the past several months we were hearing that the company was merging with Bico. I asked management on several occasions if this was happening and they said ‘no’. Now they just turn up on Monday and close the company without giving us any prior notice and this is wrong.”