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TALK BACK: Mixed views on Rihanna’s funeral debt

Carol Martindale

TALK BACK: Mixed views on Rihanna’s funeral debt

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Some say Rihanna should pay up, while others feel otherwise.
These were the comments posted on THE NATION’s website after rumoured reports surfacing on international online sites that the Barbadian superstar as refusing to pay a $150 000 bill for her grandmother’s funeral. The sites said the singer was being sued by a company which organized the funeral of her grandmother Clara “Dolly” Brathwaite, buried in Barbados July last year.
Reports state that Rihanna claimed the bill was exorbitant and only paid a quarter of it.
These are some of the views shared by readers:
Orson Arthur: “You had an expensive turnout, pay the bill. You had everything. If there was a problem paying, why did you have all those extra services? Did you think they were free? I am one of your biggest fans but I think you should pay the bill.”
Carl Husbands: “Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Rihanna is still a Barbadian citizen and not an American citizen. Thus, irrespective of how much money she may or may not have, she like all Bajan citizens has the absolute right to question the charges if she feels that she was being taken advantage of by the service provider.
“Having said that, I suppose it would be in everybody’s best interest if all the parties involved sit down and go over the charges and resolve this matter among themselves.”
Sodi S: “So, how did this bill get up to $150K without the company getting the money upfront? I’m sure if a random person had walked into this company and asked for the same thing, they would have told them straight up that they need all the money prior to starting any preparations.”
Bim Bum: “Advice to Rihanna: don’t pay one single cent more, girl!”
• Carol Martindale is THE NATION’s Online Editor.

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