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Flood rescue

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Flood rescue

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A good Samaritan helped to alleviate an unpleasant situation for two visitors yesterday.
NATION photographer Nigel Browne was in Tichbourne, St Michael, when he spotted Wayne Quimby, whose van had stalled in floodwaters.
However, Quimby had temporarily left his vehicle behind to assist the unidentified mother and daughter French tourists who were in a quandary over how to cross floodwaters in the area.
After he had helped the mother across the road, her daughter slipped and fell into a hidden gutter, ending up in water to her waist.
Quimby was also able to help her to safety.
A report from the Barbados Meteorological Office said the unsettled weather conditions would continue until tomorrow and warned residents in flood-prone areas to remain on the alert. 
Here, Quimby assisting the young woman to navigate out of the gutter as her mother beckons. (CA)