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Women make yourselves happy

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Women make yourselves happy

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Dear Christine,
PERMIT ME to have my say concerning the letter carried in your newspaper last week under the heading Nothing I Do Turns Hubby On.
What in the world is happening with these men? Men are always complaining that they cannot find good women yet when they do, they treat them like garbage. This is about the third woman I’ve read about during the past week who’s been left crying about her dishonest and disrespectful husband.
I believe women – young and old alike – should spend more time making themselves happy and forget about these lousy three-legged animals. Apparently these men have no respect for themselves or their spouses. Any man who has the slightest respect for himself would not disrespect anyone, let alone the woman he married.
Women, please find your niche in life and stop letting these men degrade, disrespect or murder you. You don’t have to listen to me. You can go on with your eyes closed, but these men will never change. Yes, there are a few good ones out there. However, what I am telling you is a lesson I learned pretty early in life. It does not matter how nice, clean, faithful and understanding you are, these men will bring you to a place where you will want to do something awful to them. They will cheat on you, disrespect and belittle you. If you do not have a trace of strength and dignity, you will find yourself in prison.
For men who are going to say women do it too, well, some do. But you don’t have to choose these women for partners either. Find women who have respect for themselves.
The problem with some of us women is that we look at the outward appearances of men and what we can get from them. What we should be concentrating on is what kind of people they truly are, rather than paying attention to their car, house, money, clothes and looks. Better yet, we should work toward getting our own car, house, money and everything that we need.
The economy is bad now, and we do not know when things will get better. But don’t let that deter you. Be independent. Be your own woman. Stand on your own feet. When you do not have to accept crap from anyone, it’s a wonderful feeling.
Too many women are dying. It appears as though it is happening more often now than when I was a child. Women have put their interests in the wrong things, depending on men to bail them out of everything. I don’t know where they inherited this philosophy from. My mother told me at a very young age to get up and make my own way in the world. I slipped for a second but I knew what she told me was correct. I am sorry she is not around today to see her big-headed daughter standing on her own two feet.  
I have been scolded for being strong and pig-headed. My purpose now is to prevent young people from making the same mistakes I did, while helping them become better men and women in our society.
From what I am experiencing, there are very few men in the world with any scruples. Read the newspapers, or better yet, surf the Internet. I am beside myself worrying about the babies being born into today’s society. Their parents who should care for them and teach them what’s right do not even know right from wrong themselves. So how can they teach these young people anything? Young people are so starved for someone or something to follow, they hook their claws into anyone and anything that comes along.   
My husband tries to tell me that I cannot change the world or the people in it because people will do what they want. I know that’s true but it still breaks my heart, especially when I read stories coming out of Barbados. I know I live in a big world, but my concerns are with Barbados. Call me silly, stupid, crazy, I really don’t care, because this little island should not be going through this much drama. – SADDENED
Dear Saddened,
Thanks for sharing.