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Family forced out of their home

Marlon Madden

Family forced out of their home

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A family of five including a child and a 77-year-old woman, who is unable to walk on her own, were up to late yesterday afternoon seeking a place to sleep after being evicted from their Christ Church home.
Sonia Sealy, 49, told the WEEKEND NATION yesterday that she was told she had to leave the place she called home for over ten years because she was unable to catch up on her mortgage payments.
Sealy, owner of a minimart, said she and her husband took out a 25-year joint mortgage with a commercial bank in 2001. However, when her husband died in 2003 and the business declined a few years later Sealy found it difficult to keep up with the $1 600 a month payment.
Sealy said in 2011 she fell behind on her payments and contacted the bank to let them know she was experiencing difficulties in meeting the obligations but a proposal she put forward was refused.