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DEAR CHRISTINE: Thanks for all the help

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Thanks for all  the help

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Dear Christine,
I RECENTLY CHOSE to give to those in need. It all started as a New Year’s resolution and ended larger than I thought it would be. It now seems like it will become an annual thing.
Many, including children, have benefited – particularly in the area of clothes, and collections from overseas have already begun for next year.
Christine, I would like to thank the following people for their contributions and wonderful efforts towards a sincere cause. Thanks to Ljilia, Heather, Amanda Mitchell, Penny Julian, Jennifer Holmes, Betty, Jenn Weaver, Angela DeJager-Stevenson, Donna Rigby, Lynn Sweeney-Hodgins, Laura Lara Dean, Linda Erb, Steph Jacklin, Esther VE, Amanda Spencer, and Maggie McGlenister.
As a result of their efforts, 53 children were supplied with clothes and some with school supplies! I look forward to working with you all again to make next year bigger and better! Thanks.
– Michelle Joseph        
Dear Michelle,
I’d also like to thank you for assisting some of those who wrote to Dear Christine for help.