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PUDDING & SOUSE: Woman with a bad attitude

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Woman with  a bad attitude

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A WOMAN who works at a fast food restaurant seems to have no pride in herself and the uniform she is wearing.
Every morning, as soon as the sun rises, this woman turns up at the house where her former lover is living making noise.
Neighbours in the Christ Church housing unit are upset at being awakened from their sleep by this loud-mouthed woman who “cusses and carries on” without shame.
On more than one occasion the man and his woman had to chase her from the house but she keeps coming back.
People are wondering how she expects to behave in such a despicable manner wearing the very recognizable uniform of the restaurant she works at. Some people are even planning to capture her foul-mouthed tirade on BB and send it to her boss.
Expensive preacher
Christians are very disappointed with what they are discovering when they go to counselling sessions with a man of the cloth.
Apparently, they are being told that they have to fork out $100, $200 or $500 to get his spiritual advice.
One upset woman who went told P&S she now understands why he tells 90 per cent of his followers to come to his office to further discuss their matters.
She went to the office and was shocked to see so many people lined up waiting to see him. But she was equally shocked to see many of them coming out with glum looks on their faces. It was only when it was her turn that she understood the other people’s despair.
The woman said that after giving all her personal information, she was then informed that she would have to pay a fee dependent on the situation she wanted to discuss and the length of time that she engaged the spiritual man.
She also had to make a quick beeline for the exit.
The woman now wants to know if this man, who gets highly offended when he’s called anything other than what he instructs people to call him, is using his fame to cash in on vulnerable people. She believes that he should be bold enough to tell listeners that he charges a fee to counsel them.
Hell breaks loose
Customers at a St Michael supermarket last weekend were left in total shock when a female staff member confronted the manager about their relationship.
Apparently, the young woman who works in the office stormed into the supermarket and started cussing out the manager, saying that his wife called her husband and told him that the two of them were sleeping with each other.
She went on to blast a certain colleague for giving the manager’s wife this information.
Shoppers were disgusted at the way this woman was behaving and some who knew her were saying that she should have been ashamed of herself because she was a church-going woman.
When she was finished telling off the manager, some shoppers went to him and complained about how she had conducted herself. Some faithful customers boldly told the manager that they preferred to shop at another supermarket since they did not believe that she should be paid out of their hard-earned money.
Apparently, the woman, who hails from the north, was suspended for two weeks but colleagues are saying that she should have been fired on the spot.
She’s at it again
The woman we told you about last week who stripped down to her birthday suit at her workplace seems to have turned into a streaker.
This week she again took off her clothes and got highly offended when a male colleague told her that her breasts were touching the ground.
Her colleagues want her to know that she should keep her clothes on because she is not pleasing to the eye.