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Good, Bad and Ugly at NIFCA

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Good, Bad and Ugly at NIFCA

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The semi-finals of the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts held Sunday at Combermere School “Unleashed” the good, the bad and the ugly.
With over 17 performances in the categories of music, dance and drama, the audience was treated to four dances from the Louise Woodvine Dance Academy, one aptly titled Unleashed, and a most moving tribute to Barbados by the Barbados Seventh Day Adventist School called Gifted Hands.
These talented students used white gloves and a special lighting to spell out words and do movements that were a sight to see; very creative and well-done.
Rashida Codrington of Teen Talent fame, did two gospel pieces as did Rafael Hinds who paid tribute to the Mighty Gabby with a medley of Bridgetown Market/Emmerton in the second half and Glorious in first half. 
Olakunde Steel Orchestra did Changes and Nice Time, beating out the harmonies on the steel pans with enthusiasm.
With some performers doing at least two stints on stage during the proceedings, the evening had the good in terms of variety and the bad and the ugly in terms of the message brought out by the dramatic skit of the New Dimension Eagles in Chain Breaker.
With creatures in dark clothes and masks tugging the chains tied around a figure, the skit portrayed breaking the chains of child and substance abuse, and the good versus evil, dark versus light.
It was the last piece of the second half and it closed the show on a resounding note, with loud applause from the filled auditorium.
The semi-finals continue this weekend at Combermere School. (NS)