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Doctor: Beware of milk

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Doctor: Beware of milk

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Despite popular belief, cow’s milk may not be all that good for the human body.
In a presentation on the prevention and treatment of cancer with natural remedy therapy, Dr Ervin Davis identified cow’s milk and other dairy products as some of the foods responsible for causing cancer in adults.
Davis, president of Healthy Lifestyle Choices Global Institute, a United States based health education, disease prevention and lifestyle improvement ministry, was the featured speaker yesterday at The University in the Community lunchtime lecture, a joint venture between the University of the West Indies Open Campus and The Central Bank of Barbados. It was held in the Grande Salle, the City.
Davis also had a warning for coffee drinkers.
“Coffee is implicated in a number of cancers, especially pancreatic cancer, as well as high protein foods such as meat, cheese, eggs and milk – I’m giving you the facts,” he said.
“We also see a saturated fat diet consisting of red meat and dairy products affects men and causes prostate problems,” he said. (CA)